My hometown Yokohama City is located   30 km South  of  Tokyo and  facing  the beautiful Tokyo Bay. It is the second  most populated city next to Tokyo. with an approximate population of 3.7 million people. Yokohama is a very popular  International Harbor City with evidences  of western influences in the past.

Yamate  District, is a  famous place in Yokohama  where western people  influenced  the area as shown by the   Western-style houses , historical monuments , old churches , graveyards, roads and gardens making it a good place for sightseeing.

The residential areas are located at the northern and southern parts  while the business and port areas are located at the central part of Yokohama. I live in Kouhoku-ku(word)  which is located at the northern part of Yokohama. This place  has a lot of agricultural and forested area in the past.   About 40 years ago, the large-scale development for residential place  was started and completed in 1998. This place is called Kouhoku New Town.

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1859 横浜開港 Yokohama Harbor inaugurated

1867 洋式競馬場オープン(根岸)競馬開催  Horse Racetrack Arena started in Negisi

1869 アイスクリーム(日本初)販売  First  Ice Cream Shop opened in  Basyamichi

1870 横浜毎日新聞(日本初) First Newspaper published in Japan

1872 新橋ー横浜間 鉄道(日本初) First Railway from Shinbasi,Tokyo to Yokohama established

1894 大桟橋  The Big Pier established

1905 京浜急行(神奈川ー品川)開通 keihin Kyouko Line from Kanagawa  to Shinagawa,Tokyo opened

1911 赤レンガ倉庫 The Large Brick Warehouses built

1923 関東大震災ー山下公園、野毛山公園、神奈川公園 Great Kanto  earthquake hit Yokohama

1926 東横線(多摩川ー神奈川)開通 Toyoko Line from Tamagawa to Kanagawa opened

1928 横浜駅完成 Yokohama train station opened

1942 大空襲   U.S. Army Large-Scale Air Attack

1945  GHQ 横浜ニューグランドホテルに設置 U.S and Allied Forces General Headquarters stationed in Yokohama New Grand Hotel

1952 大桟橋、ニューグランドホテル、山下公園などの接収が解除  The Big Pier, New Ground Hotel, Yamasita park  returned to Japan by U.S. Army

1961 マリンタワー Marine Tower near  Yamashita park built

1966 田園都市線(溝の口ー長津田)開通  Denen Toshi Line from Mizonokuti to Nagatuda opned

1968 東名高速(東京IC-厚木)開通 Tomei Expressway from Tokyo IC to Atsugi opened

1993 ランドマークタワー The Landmark Tower Building opened

1998 横浜国際競技場(日産スタディアム) Yokohama Stadium opened

1999 ズーラシア ZOORASIA opened

2004 みなとみらい線(横浜―元町)開通 Minato Mirai Line  from Yokohama to Motomachi opened

2008 グリーンライン(日吉―中山)開通 Green Line from Hiyoshi to Nakayama opened

2009 開港150周年 150 year anniversary of Yokohama

2015 10.3 平山 篤・成田 彩乃 披露宴
     My son and Narita Ayano wedding ceremony held at Yokohama New Grand Hotel

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