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(Important points)

1 Date, Time and Meeting Place 2 Contact inf. in case of emergency

Concerns I recognized while considering the guide plan

  1. Seeing and trying are more effective to learn and enjoy Japan than my explanation
-- Guide is just a role of support
  1. Select good spots adjusting one's request considering the time
  2. Caring about the guest’s and my health condition, weather, the area's transportation INF.
Everything is OK, even if one hour course of Meiji-Jungu only, or all cancel due to one's schedule

Guide plan key word

Meiji Jingu is a Sinto shrine deeply rooted in the way of Japanese life Shinto has no holy book, no founder but values harmony with nature and respects sincere heart unlimited number of Kami(Gods) can be seen in nature , mithology and human beings This shrine is dedicated to the divine souls of Emperor Meiji who died in 1912 and Empress Shoken who died in 1914 People at the time  wished to commemorate their virtues and respected(revered) them forever Various People donated 100,000 trees from all over Japan and from oversees People worked voluntary to create this forest and established in 1920 Emperor Meiji 122nd emperor of Japan contributed opening of the country to the world took initiative to promote friendship with foreign countries to introduce Western civilization and developed technology. At the same time, he preserved Japanese identity. Thus laid the foundations of modern Japan His wife,Empress Shoken not only supported the Emperor behind the scenes but also promoted national welfare and women's education ★Torii gate(entrance to the sacred(hallowed) ground, Temizuya,Main shrine building,Taru sake(Barreled sake) ★How to rinse, How to pray Shinjyuku sub center of Tokyo Yodobashi Water Purification Plant shop name: Yodobashi Camera is a remnant from this plant the bustle of the big city the area was planned 50 years ago as the sub center of Tokyo the first high-rise building is Keio Plaza hotel, following  by Sumitomo BLDG. and Mitui BLDG Tokyo Met. GOV office consists of three Building, Main building , the second BILD and The gov. assembly the height is about 250 m the number employee is about 160,000 , including teachers 60,000 , police officer 46,000 fire fighters 16,000. In this Shinjyuku, there are 23.000 civil servants working. ★geography of  Tokyo using a map(point out YOkohama,Kichijo-ji, Shinjyuku Bunka Kaikan, Narita, Tokyo Sta.  

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