Watering and Protecting Against Insects 1.Watering I started to use time-controlled water supply machine again. I set the time of 8 am and 4 pm to supply water for 5 minutes every day. From this year, I also adapted a divergence water circuit to provide not only the turf with sprinkler but also the flower garden with a special hose which has many tiny holes to provide water. In order to control the distance of water of the sprinkler, the water pressure needed to be tested by the faucet to adjust. 2.Protecting Against Insects Before the gardening, I checked the clothes to protect from insects. But in the morning of the second day of my summer holidays, I forgot to spray a aroma for insect repellents and I was bitten by gnats even if I have worn a net jacket. Certainly the net jacket is not perfect to protect me  because sometimes the net and my skin came into contact with each other, and those were the perfect times for the gnats to bite me.  Since then, I always spray aroma  for insect repellents  to my net jacket.