A Waking rally in Tokyo will be held on April 4.  This rally is organized by a health insurance society. My wife and I have joined the last 2 rallies for the last 2 years. However the course of this year is same as last two years, so we got tired of the course. So I decided to make my own route and enjoy walking and the flower viewing by ourselves. Yesterday I went on a preliminary survey of my plan. This Year's course is as follows: We will start to walk at the Tokyo station at 9:00 am.  We will walk through Hibiya Park, Imperial Palace, Takebashi, Chidoriga-futi, Yasukuni shrine,  Kudan-sita. Then we will get on the subway to Omote-sandou and walk to Harajuku while window shopping. We will arrive at Harajuku at 12:00 and have lunch there. The total distance will be about  8 km. Of course we will take a rest at Chidoriga-futi while viewing cherry blossom. Today I used a rented bicycle from Tokyo station to confirm the route. So I could check the route easily within one hour.  
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2015-03-15 07.58.47 2015-03-15 08.26.33
About Rented electric assist bicycle The rented bicycle I used this time is run by the local government as a testing and verifying for a method(means) of transportation. At first, the registration and credit card number are required in order to get the member ID. Then before using it, I called the homepage of the rented bicycle shop through my iPhone and entered the member ID, the password and the bicycle number available in the parking lot. Then a number to unlock the bicycle will be sent by email so input the number in the bicycle panel and unlocked the bicycle key.  This rented bicycles are all electronically  assisted. With this, it is easy to ride even in a up-slope .The fee is 100 yen per 30 min.   2015-03-15 07.49.20