Some topics In zenkouji-temple, I experienced Okaidan(お戒壇). Visitors may descend Okaidan(admission fee 500 yen). A sharp downstairs to a twisted black tunnel under the altar. People proceed to the darkness groping the wall with one's right hand and find the handle of the Heaven.  Then grab the handle and shake several times.  Proceeding farther after that, people go back to the bright ground . Proceeding in the darkness with uneasy mind is effective to let one's mind to admire the arrival point( the present). Miso-soft ice-cream: Nagano is famous for miso- fermented soybean paste. But can you imagine miso and ice-cream is a good match?  The blend of sweet ice-cream and salty miso flavor are certainly good match. I enjoyed this simple taste and felt refreshed after eating..  Tea break at a souvenir  shop:There are many souvenir shops along the Nakamise(仲見世) shopping street at Zenkouji temple.  Sometimes salespersons ask visitors to try some samle foods and then ask them to have tea and sit and rest. While drinking tea, other food samples are also provided with  tea. My wife and I  usually buy some foods  because the foods are delicious and their hospitality are nice, too . The Fujiya Gohonjin(藤屋御本陣):This restaurant  was build 360 years ago as a hotel for Daimyo or feudal lord like  Maeda lord who was one of the rich lord of making million -straw bag of rice per year. The building was renovated in 1925  and now became a tangible cuture asset . I visited there and was deeply impressed by its exterior and interior as well.  
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From top left pic 1~3: The front approach to Zenkouji-temple and its gate and main hall  4~5:The Fujiya 6:A Soba restaurant(lunch) 7: Nagano JR Sta. 8:Nojiri Lake  9: Hotel Harvest