Some topics Morning of Madarao(斑尾の朝) After breakfast, I went outside and enjoyed the fresh air. The air was full of the smell of flowers and trees. This place has been planted with many colorful lilies and zinnia. I also could see beautiful mountains. 姨捨山 ON the way to Matsumoto, we dropped in Obasute Mountain SA. From this place, Breathtaking panorama including Nagano City , Tikuma  River and Japan Alps could been seen. Obasute literally means to abandon one's old mother. There is a legend that a person took his old mother and left her in the mountain due to his family's harsh life, but he regretted this conduct when he saw a beautiful moon. Next day he went back and took her home again. 松本市中町通り Traditional old shops are lined along  Nakamachi street. This place was once flourished as wholesale store town such as liquor , clothing. But , the end of Edo period and the initial time of Meiji era, several big fire happened. In order to protect them from the fire, warehouses with thick plaster were built and this simple white and black colored house have produced old good times atmosphere.  
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From top left  pic 1~2: Hotel Harvest Madarao 3:Obasute SA. 4~5:Matsumoto Castle  6~7:Former Kaiti School 7:Nawate St.  8:Nakamachi St.