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Japan is a wonderful country to travel in. Visitors interested in religion and history can find many attractive place such as ancient capital Kyoto, Nara and Kamakura. The current capital, Tokyo also has historic sites as well as vibrant nightlife, a wide variety of  foods, and beautiful shopping centers. Winter sports enthusiasts will find numerous ski areas. Some are less than two hours from Tokyo. If you like warmer places, Okinawa and the other tropical islands in the south (may be pleasant for you) are recommended. Beautiful nature views and great hiking trails are very common in Japan because 70% of Japan is covered by mountain. If all that sightseeing gets tiring, an evening spent socking in an outdoor hot spring at a ryokan in a quiet rustic town is the perfect way to relax. The Japanese traveling is not expensive even during holiday period. Some of the inexpensive ways to travel Japan are staying in "minsyu" - family-run inn, "kaiten susi" - a discount sushi bar, and "izakaya"- a traditional Japanese pub. The trains and subways are nice for getting around in the cities, and of course Shinkansen or super bullet train is convenient way to travel between remote cities. The Japanese love to travel- both domestically and internationally. Many Japanese have traveled to at least one foreign country. However, the number of people from other countries visiting Japan is very low despite the fact that Japan has very beautiful sceneries. Why is it that so few people visit Japan?? One of the reason is that the country does a poor job of promoting and encouraging tourism to Japan. For a long time , the government viewed travel as a kind of recreation and overlooked the idea that having foreign visitors is an excellent way to promote Japan and promote international understanding. Fortunately, this mindset is finally changing. In 2003, The government launched the "Visit Japan" campaign aiming at promoting tourism to Japan. And in 2008 the Travel Agency was newly (founded) set up. The government has been cooperating with the private sector to promote travel to Japan by developing new travel services and enhancing multi-lingual information services. The campaign has paid off well, greatly increasing the number of tourists especially Japan's neighboring countries such as China, Korea and Taiwan. A challenge for Japan's tourism today is how to respond to the new demand of foreign visitors who have different languages and cultures.
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