Tikura and Nojima-zaki (南総千倉&野島崎) My wife and I went to Tikura and Nozima-zaki from May 8 to 9. This area is famous for its fishing ports and flower firms.  After visiting to see my  mother in Kantou Rousai Hospital at 10:00 am, we went to Tikura and visited the road station ( "Mithi-no-eki" ) named "Shiokaze Ookoku" . We also visited a flower firm, but spring flowers were almost sold and the field became partial flower garden.  After that, we went to Nojimazaki or Nojima cape and went up the light house and enjoyed beautiful ocean panorama.  We arrived at the Toslove Tateyama Hotel  at 4:30 pm and had a pleasant time with hot spring bath, dinner of local fish and vegetables, and  a nice accommodation.
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