Discovery Drone in PM’s Office

A drone was found on the rooftop heliport of the Prime Minister’s Office earlier this week. The drone is equipped with a camera and a container which had radioactive substanses. This morning, the criminal self-surrendered (turned himself ) to the police. The government urgently started to make a law on controling the possession and the regulation of the flight area. Drone are "an unmanned planes" . The size ranges from that of man's palm to as big as a bomber plane, and the drone is used any purposes such as military affairs ,agriculture, inspection and transportation. Above all, the thing which has the most attracted attention is a military drone. These are examples  in operation now  or under consideration 1)The U.S developed military drone and have used in Afghan, Iraq war now. this drone is used for not only scouting but also bombing. 2)Sony are experimenting to use drone to do inspection of deteriorated bridges and tunnels which are difficult for men to enter or see. 3)Google is thinking to use drone for goods delivery system.

MRJ (Mitubishi regional Jets)

The plane is now in its final stage before the  operation and will start on business flight this year. The price would be 40-50 million dollars(48億~60億円). I'm excited to see the flight and also want to ride. The next-generation commercial airliner of 70-90 seats of classes where Mitsubishi plane develops MRJ. This plane adapted the world's most advanced aerodynamics design and technologies such as noise analysis technologies and the adoption of the latest engine -- which contribute to fuel reduction by approximately 20%. Middle sized jet with the capacity of 70 to 90 passengers will be of great demand in the years to come,  and more than 5,000 jets would be needed. More than 400 planes have been ordered until now, mostly from the USA and Japanese airline companies.

The Honda Jet

The Honda Jet, an advanced light jet plane developed by automaker Honda Motor Co. in the United States, flew over Japan for the first time on Thursday.After the flight, the plane landed at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.It took a little over half a century for Honda to achieve the milestone of flying its original aircraft over Japan, after its founder Soichiro Honda declared in 1962 that the automaker would enter the aviation business.The flight to Japan marks the beginning of the small business jet’s world tour, during which it is scheduled to travel 26,000 miles and stop in more than 13 countries, Honda said. The price is 40 million dollors(5 億円) , and more than 100 jets have been ordered.
drone mrj
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