I went to Izu in order to hold a meeting with Mr. kubota who is a dealer  of the interior renovation.The meeting started at 10 am and lasted one hour.  I am planning to renovate the kitchen and washstand. I asked him some details of the renovation and the estimate cost.  After the meeting, he promised to sent me the proposal and the estimate cost again as soon as possible. After that, I started to paint the shed in order to prevent the surface from bad effect of rain. This paint is required every three years. The procedures are as follows: 1. Change into work clothes. 2. Wipe the surface of the shed with wet rag. 3. Put the curing tape to protect the part not to paint. 4. Varnish the surface with oak colored oil varnish. 5. Remove the curing tape. After the work, the shed became brand-new!
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