The Real Summer Has Come More than 100 points of the Meteorological Agency observation were over 35 degrees Celsius on August 6. This high temperature will continue for several days. In spite of the hot weather, I went to  Izu villa through Seisho seaside by car. The sea was calm and beautiful in the early morning, When I reached the villa at 8 am, the sun was already shining and the temperature was rising. So I mainly maintained the garden area which was shaded by the house or trees. From 10 am to 4 pm, I cleaned the inside of the house and went shopping to a home center in Oohito town named "Handy Home center" and bought many things such as "目土(Metuti)" or top dressing soil for turf and the flower pots of "千日草(Sennichi-sou)” or glove amaranth. I stayed at the villa and watched TV programs in the night related with 71st anniversary of the dropping of atomic bomb in Hiroshima and the opening ceremony of Rio Olympics. The works of gardening were performed only in the early morning  on Aug 6 and 7, and late evening  on Aug. 6  in order to escaping the direct sunlight.