My wife , Satoshi - my younger son visiting  my home today, and I went to eat eel at  the eel restaurant  near my house.  The restaurant was very crowded and we had to wait one and a half hours.  In Japan, we eat eel on the day - "Doyou-no- Ushi-no-Hi" (土用の丑の日). My wife and I were surprised and delighted that Satoshi paid all the fee for  the restaurant for us. The eel restaurant "しま村”2016-07-30 12.49.11 What is Doyou(土用)? Doyou means 18 days before the first day of each season. What is Ushi(牛)? Ushi is ox in English. The name comes from Chinese zodiac calender which consists of 12 animals and imaginary creatures to name months and days which  are periodically appear on the calender. So What is "Doyou-no-Ushi-no-Hi"? There are at least 4 days designated Doyou-no-Ushi-no-Hi a year. But the day of summer season is famous to eat eel. Why people eat eel on the day? It is said that the Japanese custom of eating eel during the hot summer months was started by a well-known scholar in the Edo-period, Gennai Hiraga, famous for the introduction to Japan of the erekiteru, or electrostatic generator. Apparently, he saved an eel restaurant that had been experiencing declining sales during summer by putting up a flyer saying “The Midsummer Day of the Ox Eel Day" in front of the restaurant. 46%  of Japanese consumed eel on the day in 2015 With 46%, 10 points decreased from ten years ago, and the ratio of person who ate an eel in the day of the Ox of the dog days of the last year fell below half because of the remarkable rise of the price of eel. The ratio is less than the one who consumed rolled sushi on Setubun or the last day of winter, according to the public opinion poll that NHK conducted.