Today is the first day of the year to maintain the garden in Izu. On the foot of the Izu Mountains, The cherry blossoms are in bloom, but the garden in the mountain area is still too early to be in bloom. The lawn grass is not  yet green, it is still brown. But it was good the tulips have begun to bud and some flowers are in bloom. It was also nice for me that the weeds were not growing due to the cold weather in this mountain area. The only thing I have to work on  today is to collect the fallen leaves that piled up on the garden. In order to reduce the fallen leaves, I decided to cut some deciduous trees so I consulted Mr. Iwano --the gardener today, and asked him to cut 2 trees and 3 trees' branches. After that, I planted a Marguerite flower I bought in Tateyama last week.
 2015-03-29 08.17.24  2015-03-29 11.11.58
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