28th is the last Sunday in August. I went to Izu for gardening and replacing the wash stand. I ordered  the stand from Handy home center. The former stand had been used for about 35 years and the tap didn't work well. During the replacing work, I maintained the garden especially the flower bed area. Yesterday, I divided the root of the Scenic beauty grass:風致草 in Yokohama garden and planted a divided part of the grass in Izu garden.( Ref. No.4 and No.5 pics.) I also repotted the well growth periwinkles in Yokohama garden and took them to Izu garden  and  also planted them in Izu garden. Some perennial plant Verbena in Izu garden were repotted and brought them to Yokohama in order to take care of the plants to pass the winter.   Replaced wash stand 2016-08-28 11.43.55