The Data Management book, of which I am a contributor, was published! The book was published by Nikkei BP,  which is written and edited by Data Soken Co. I contributed on the section 'my company's data management'.  This chapter consists of 5 points: 1.  History of data management 2.  Meta data administration :the  process and situation 3.  Merits of data management 4.  Some problems of the management 5.  The future plan The chapter had been made jointly with two co-workers of my company.  This chapter is not only introducing of my company's data management , but also aimed at  handing down the importance of keeping the data management in our company. I expect that my two co-workers will use this book to teach other members.   Because this is the only way to avoid subjectiveness (They create a style which is based on their own principles), and proceed to a model-based real engineering which will  lead to enhanced productivity and quality of IT systems.
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