The 5th Kohoku Open Garden
This open garden is an event to open private house's garden to the public.
84 venues not only private houses but public parks, temples,and corporations
in Kouhoku word in Yokohama city participated in this event this year.
Open days are follows:
1st 2017.4.21 (FRI) - 23(SUN)
2nd 2017.5.12 (FRI) - 14(SUN)

This event is informed by mail to me from Mr. Suzuki, one of the seniors of my ex-company.
According to the mail, Mr Soiri who was also my co-worker at the former company has
opened his house garden connected with this open garden event.
So I visited his house on April 23 and saw the garden. On the day, many people visited his house.
I met him and he explained the garden and the history of the house for me.

Once the house was owned by Mr.Kawada who was a professor of Keio Univ.
When Mr.kawada was teaching, his student often visited and stayed in his house.

The house was built 60 years ago and Mr. Soiri bought the house about 20 years ago.
At that time the house was very old and some parts were decayed.
He is a construction engineer and is interested in the renovation.
He renovated the house and garden by himself referring on the old design documents.
He also showed me the inside of house specially including his hand made fireplace.

I admire his energy and construction techniques.

My wife and I also visited some open private houses and enjoyed their beautiful gardens.

参考:横浜日吉新聞 慶大教授ゆかりの”日吉山荘”