Tateshina Heights Tateshina is 200kms west of Tokyo and famous as a summer resort and winter ski area. My wife and I stayed at a hotel in the heights on July 7 after sightseeing Suwa Lake area. The hotel was little bit old but the service was good. The room was spacious and the view from the room was wonderful. Although the weather was not good, we could see the mountains, Tateshina lake, and well maintained garden of the hotel. We enjoyed French course dinner and onsen(hot spring outdoor bath). Next day, we went Kuruma-yama to see the Nikkou kituge - a kind of yellow lilies. According to the internet, the flowers were in full bloom. But we arrived there, we couldn't see the flowers. Later we found the flowers could be seen in the middle of the mountain. The area was protected against deer by electric fence. In order to clime the mountains in the middle , we used the ski lift on going , and walked down spending 30 mins. After that, we visited an English garden called Barakura Garden, but it was not good than expected. The garden seemed not well maintained and  I felt all garden assistants were busy to sell souvenir goods or served foods.  
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