The British public's decision to leave the European Union hit a shock through Japan, causing a sharp rise in the yen's exchange rate and a fall in stock prices. It is possible that the shock will spread to small factories that depend on exports and have an effect on demand for European travel. I am concerned for the future. Nationalism and emigrant exclusion will increase and these trend will cause the friction of international economy and racism. Under the circumstances, Japan should shift to activate domestic industry from gaining profit from outside countries. Japanese government needs to accelerate its deregulation measures to stimulate the Japanese domestic economy. Personally, introduction of US companies such as Uber and Airbnb should be adapted. And  national promotion of automatic driving car and next generation energy such as hydrogen, quake proofing of infrastructure against big earthquakes might be the solutions of activation in the domestic industry.   The pic is from the internet and the Sun's article is interesting.  Later, Buckingham Palaceimages (1) has complained to the press watchdog over the Sun newspaper's article claiming the Queen backed "Brexit" from the European Union.