My elder son now lives in Shizuoka city with his wife, Ayano. From July 9, I took  two days trip visiting  my son's house and  also many sightseeing spots in the city. Shizuoka City is located in the middle between Tokyo and Nagoya and the population is about 700,000. It is about 170 km from my house in Yokohama and it takes about 2.5 hours by car . Unfortunately, it had much rain and it was cold on July 9 due to the influence of a typhoon. Before visiting my son's house, we visited Toro Ruins "登呂遺跡" and learned the 1st century, Yayoi-Era's life  in the Toro museum which is built adjacent to the ruin.We visited my son's house at noon and were given a delicious meal cooked by Ayano. We had a pleasant time at noon. Before having evening dinner with Atushi and Ayano, my wife and I visited Shizuoka Sengen shrine "静岡浅間神社", Sunpu Castle "駿府城" and Rinzai-ji temple "臨済寺". After we had a dinner at Totoya restaurant which served several delicious local fishes,  we stayed at Hotel Associa near JR Shizuoka station. On July 10, It was a fine weather after the typhoon has blown over. Mt Fiji could been seen in my hotel room. As soon as having early breakfast in the hotel, we visited Nihondaira "日本平”, Kunouzan Tosho-gu "久能山東照宮”, and Miho no Matsubara "美保の松原”. I thanked  my son and Ayano for their hospitality. I really enjoyed the warmhearted hospitality and good meals. I also enjoyed beautiful nature, wisdom of ancestors, and the elaborate arts of craftsmen of the past. Ref. 家康公の遺訓 ”Lord Ieyasu's teachings” 人の一生は重荷を負うて遠き道を行くがごとし。急ぐべからず。 不自由を常と思えば不足なし。こころに望みおこらば困窮したる時を思い出すべし。 堪忍は無事長久の基、いかりは敵と思え。 勝つ事ばかり知りて、負くること知らざれば害その身にいたる。 おのれを責めて人をせむるな。 及ばざるは過ぎたるよりまされり。 Life is a journey with a burden. Do not hurry up. If you regard inconvenience as normal situation, you will never feel inconvenient. When desires appear in your mind, recall your distresses in the past. Patience is the foundation of everlasting safety. Regard anger as the enemy. If you know not losing but only winning, you should pay for it. Blame not others but yourself. Shortage is better than excess.