Share Vegetable Fields I found the Share vegetable field near my house. The place is 1.5 km far from my house and I can go there within 5 min by bicycle. The place has been run by a company called " Share Hatake". Mr Suzuki, who is the staff of the company, explained to me about the services and the system of the share field. The main services and system are ; 1. Each lot is 10 ㎡ per person. 2. Vegetables' seeds, tools, and natural fertilizers are provided. 3.Practical lessons on how to grow good vegetables, including making good soil, are periodically given.The book on how to make some vegetables and fruits is also given. 4. The staff and couches are always there and can ask them freely. The place is very near and the staff is very kind and well known about farming, so I decided to contract one year of the field on the spot. Next Saturday, I will learn how to prepare the field for seeding of spring vegetables.