Share Vegetable Fields  Day-1 2017.1.28 Today is the first day to cultivate my allotted field. The task started at 10:00 am. and ended 12:30 pm.
  1. 畝作り: Making a ridge in the field
  2. 葉物の種選び: The selection of planting seeds
  3. マルチシートのセット: Setting the mulch sheet
  4. 保護(保温)シートのセット: Setting the  shelter sheet
  5. 防虫ネットのセット: Making Insect proof net  using fiber glass pole
  6. 次回畝作り用場所の土お越し: Tilling the field to aerate the soil
Selected seeds are; あやめ蕪:turnip 春菊:chrysanthemum leaves リーブレタス: lettuce ほうれん草 :spinach