Setsubun(節分)  And  Its Related Traditon Setsubun is a traditional ceremony to word off evil and to invite luck to one's home. People throw roasted beans to drive away demons while chanting "Oniwa-soto, Fukuwa-uti", meaning “Out with demons!  In with good luck!' It is customary to eat the same number of beans as their age. Why the day called "Setsubun(節分)”? Setsubun usually falls on February 3 . It literally means to divide winter  and spring. The day was the last day of winter. In old times, the day was the last day of the year or New Year's Eve. Why do people eat same number of roasted beans as their age? Beans roasted by fire are said to have a power to expel evils. And people believed that eating the beans is to invite health in their body. They wish luck for the coming year while eating . Why do Japanese eat Eho-maki(恵方巻き)? This tradition among Japanese is not old. The custom started Maybe 20 years ago. This susi roll usually consume facing the lucky direction to invite luck on Setsubun. This year's lucky direction was south- south- east. This habit is said that nori or dried seaweed makers set in order to increase their sales.images