Setsubun is a traditional Bean-Throwing Festival  held every  February 3, the day before the beginning of Spring Season. The aim of this festival is to cast away evil and to welcome good fortune.  People are throwing the beans and shouting  in the house “Devils Out! Good Luck In!.” It is also a custom to eat "Fortune Sushi Roll(恵方巻き)." There are three rules in eating "Fortune Sushi Roll: 1.Face the lucky direction of the year.  This year's lucky direction is west-south-west. 2.Eat an entire Sushi Roll without stopping. 3.Eat the entire sushi before speaking. It is believed  if you speak before completely eating the sushi,  then  the good fortune will be gone. IMG_2552 This is the picture of my dinner today -Fortune Sushi Roll and other light meals. The sushi roll is composed  of  cooked egg, raw fish such as tuna, or cuttlefish and cucumber at the middle, then it is rolled with  cooked rice seasoned with vinegar and sugar,  and lastly covered by nori or dried seaweed. Many temples and shrines hold the festival inviting many celebrities -such as Sumo wrestlers , actors  and actresses.   This is the link of the news of 2015 Setsubun festival in  a Oosaka temple. In some families, an adults might put on a demon's mask and approach the children.  The demon is pelted with beans until he leaves. IMG_2554 (1)A Demon's Mask