The Sankei-en Garden was opened by rich business tycoon Hara Sankei in 1906. The garden was named after the man. The area is  147,000 square meters . Valuable Japanese traditional houses were collected from Kyoto and Kamakura, and restored (10 assets: Japan's very important cultural assets, 3 assets: the tangible culture asset designated by Yokohama City). The vast garden is facing Tokyo bay sprawling the east-south part of Yokohama. The garden construction was started in 1902, and in 1914, the work of the outside area was completed and in 1922, the inside area was completed. It took 20 years for construction in total. While Mr. Sankei was alive, this area was also an education school for Japanese young artists. Japanese famous painters such as Taikan Yokoyama, Shimomura Kannzan studied here and painted the sceneries of the garden. The garden was severely damaged during the World War II. In 1953, this garden was donated to Yokohama City , and the restoration work was done by Yokohama City.
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