I went to see an English Rakugo at Fukagawa Edo museum on March 1. Rakugo, Japanese traditional sit-down comedy, arose during the Edo period, so it has about 400 years of history now. It features one person portraying many different characters. It was my first time to see live Rakugo. Today's performer was Tatekawa Shinoharu. His English was easy to hear and understand so I could enjoy it very much. After Rakugo, I visited several noted places near the museum before going back home.

Tatekawa Shinoharu is a Tatekawa Shinosuke's disciple and a young and energetic Rakugo performer. He has a unique career. He graduated from Yale university and once worked for Mitsui Bussan - a major trading company. One day, when he saw Shinosuke's Rakugo, he was deeply impressed with  his performance and decided to become his disciple and he threw down his smooth company life.