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2014 3Q


The Ginza features high end department stores, boutiques, art galleries and designer brand stores. Nearly every leading Japanese and international brand name fashion and cosmetics company is present here, as well as major electronics brands such as Sony and Apple. The shopping extends into the nearby Yurakucho area with more department stores, boutiques and electronic retailers. 
2014-09-27 12.43.47 2014-09-27 12.45.31
2014-09-27 13.35.28 2014-09-27 13.39.50

Enoshima - sacred place and famous marine sports     2014.9.21

A goddess of mercy called "Venten" is enshrined in Enoshima and many people have  visited  from the Edo era. This place also popular  now with its aquarium, sea bathing, marine sports such as surfing, foods such as  young sardine known as ”shirasu” . The scenery from the distance is also very good. These pictures were taken in early autumn when the summer noise passed . When it becomes cold, the air is clear and Mount Fuji from Enoshima can be seen clearly.
 2014-09-21 10.58.26  2014-09-21 10.58.10

Scene of the disposal of memento

This picture was not a concert in the garden. It's a scene carrying out the piano which was used when my mother was young. When she bought a new one, this piano was moved to the villa.   She hardly played the piano in Izu until it became old , so today the piano was disposed. Before this decision, I asked a YAMAHA service center  to take over it, but was turned down because it was too old, and there were no parts.
2014-09-12 15.49.04 2014-09-12 16.09.59
2014-09-12 16.10.27 2014-09-12 16.11.46

I applied for ADSL in Izu villa         2013.9.13

I thought that the tethering function of my AU mobile phone was enough for the Internet to use it in my villa of Izu at first. However, one day I found an ADSL use plan that the monthly fee is only 1 yen . It was a incredible plan. So I confirmed  from the ADSL company if I could cancel the contract in one year because the monthly fee would be 3000 yen per month after one year has passed. After this confirmation, I applied for it . An ADSL router reached me in Izu  on Friday, September 12 and began to use it. Really comfortable  for the speed of the Internet. This may be because that a NTT base station is around 300m from my villa. This document( " izu-yahoobb") explains the reason. 2014-09-13 08.03.01t  

Moles Came Back Again     2014.9.12

I took a paid holiday and went to my Izu villa.  I made three appointment today  at Izu villa.  When I arrived there I found mound of mole again. Last year I had been troubled with the mound, but moles disappeared  after a while. At 11:00,  ADSL router  arrived  and  soon I  started to use after setting it up.  At 14:00,  new table and chairs were delivered but a part of the table which has a function of extended both sides of table was broken. I made a call at a call center  and filed a complaint.  The operator's reply  was polite and said the table was replaced on the spot.  I was relieved .  At 15:30 a waste supplier with four members came and carried out  my mother's piano which was used for over 60 years. Four members tried to carry out the piano but found  that it's difficult to pass the stair which is adjacent to the road  because the handrail was hampered to go through . So the crane car was called.   Most members are nice young and careful. IN addition, the fee was the same that the company promised, even though a crane car was called.

Recent Political situation in Japan    2014.9.7

For the most of the postwar period, Japanese politics was dominated by one political party - the Liberal Democratic Party. However this political dominance ended in 2009. The main reason of the political change was  due to the longtime political corruption. Most of the Diet member of LDP  had proceeded the benefit of his/her own district, such as spending  public works and had missed to appeal for Japanese future plan. Many opposition parties were criticized such old politic style and made alternate platforms. Some of platforms are declining birth rate measurement, cutting the national budget plan so called " from concrete building to social infrastructure such as education ." DPJ - The Democratic Party of Japan, won the Lower House election and won over 200 and got 308 seats in the  475 seat-Lower House. DPJ and two small parties (The People's New Party and Social Democratic Party) formed a coalition   from 2009 to 2012. However, during this period, the Prime Minister was changed three times.   The first prime minister Hatoyama resigned due to Okinawa's US airbase relocation plan. He told the public that he had a plan to relocate the base other than Okinawa, but did't realize it. The next prime minister Kan planned for entering TPP and raising consumption tax. But these plans created the dispute with the party and the discord with the diet members. The third prime minister Noda took a practical approach in politics and proceed TPP and consumption tax hike. This policy resulted  in secession such as Mr. Ozawa who is one of the powerful Diet member.  PM Noda dissolved the cabinet and general election was held . Many Japanese realized that Japan need stable cabinet and wanted to accomplish some important policies firmly.  LDP won the election, but was chosen in method of elimination. LDP leader Mr. Abe formed the cabinet. His main policy was "recover the strong Japan- especially economy". Mr. Abe launched three major economy policy -- bold monetary policy, flexible fiscal policy and a growth strategy to encourage private investment. After launched those plan, yen rate is getting depreciate from 80 yen to 105 yen  and Japanese manufacturing companies regain the competitiveness in the world. The stock price is getting higher and people's mind is better and it stimulates the consumption. Recently, consumption tax hike and consumer price increase  although  wage doesn't rise. this is a  serious problem for the economy.  Resuming nuclear power plant operations, and collective defense  force are also  big issues for PM Abe. Abe reshuffled the cabinet member and appointed five women recently. The popularity of PM Abe  went up again over 60%. I hope PM  Abe could take a strong leadership and his cabinet would do a good job and regain the true strength of Japan.

Trouble with my internet camera – unsolved     2014.9.5

I bought an internet camera --Tenvis JPT3815w from Amason last weekend,and started to use it referencing  "Quick Start Guide." My PC(window 7) and IP camera through wired cable  is OK. The image is very clear and I'm satisfied the quality. Then I tried to set the WiFi LAN, but the setting was not successful. I received the following message:"The camera cannot be found. Probably WiFi parameter setting is not correct,Please plug the network cable and set the WiFi parameters." I repeated this instruction carefully, but the situation doesn't change. So I asked how to set the Wifi LAN accurate parameter by email in English. In order to explain the situation precisely, I attached some screen images and messages from this application. Reply was fast, but the instruction was not useful for me.It doesn't work properly. I checked related information about this trouble on the Internet. But I found no clue . I emailed again attaching the screen images of the issue. I expect the next reply will be beneficial to solve this problem.

"Ingest" languages        2014.8.31

Nichlas Negroponte, the founder of MIT's Media lab, said in the TED talk that we will be able to swallow pills to learn languages and works of literature in the future. He said that humans are adept at consuming information through our eyes, but this method may be inefficient compared with other alternatives. Addressing the TED audience Vancouver, Canada, Negroponte said: "My prediction is that we'll be able to ingest information, You're going to swallow a pill and know English, You're going to swallow a pill and know Shakespeare. And the way to do it is through the bedroom. So once the pill containing the information is  in your bloodstream, it basically goes through and gets into the brain. Do you believe it ?

Mist in the morning       2014.8.18

The mountain area in Izu is usually foggy in the  early morning(pic1). But it clears around 8 o'clock in the morning(pic2).
2014-08-18 06.42.59 2014-08-18 07.51.18
During this morning mist , it's a good time for gardening in summer because the air is cool and fresh. But be careful for horsefly. I am sometimes bitten by a horsefly.

Panorama View  from  2nd Floor of  Izu Villa  2014.8.11

2014-08-11 15.06.57
This pic was taken by I-Phone using Panorama function. The near right side is my Izu garden. In the rear, Izu maintain range can be seen. Please click the pic to enlarge. If you further click pointing the mountains, you can see it more precisely.

Do the benefit of free trade outweigh the disadvantages?   2014.8.10

There are numerous debates about the pros and cons of free trade. If certain safeguards are in place to protect workers, I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. First, free trade should stimulate economic growth because new markets are opened. If it is easier to export and import, manufacturers will have access to more customers and retailers will have access to more goods that can be sold. To list just one example, Toyota would not be so profitable if the company had been limited to the domestic market. Of course consumers benefit as well. They will have access to a wilder variety of products, often at attractive prices. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and I purchased bananas from the Philippines, beef from Australia, olive oil from Italy and a few other imported products. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t ignore the negative side of free trade. Sometimes cheap imports hurt domestic companies and cause job losses. Here in Japan we also recognize the TPP free trade system, now in discussion, could hurt Japanese farmers. Efforts should be made to reduce the bad effects on both workers and farmers. In conclusion, I agree that the benefits of free trade far outweigh the disadvantages. ***from a CEL model answer Opponents of free trade claim it hurts local economies, damages the environment,and threatens tradition and culture. However, if implemented properly, free trade has a highly beneficial effect. Free trade has been repeatedly demonstrated to be a driver of economic growth. When tariffs are eliminated, trade grows and brings prosperity. Though jobs may be lost temporarily, long-term economic growth surely makes this trade-off worthwhile. Opponents also fear a negative environmental impact, but free trade is actually good for our planet. Protecting nature costs money, and poor countries with subsistence economies cannot afford to go green. Studies show that as economic growth raises income levels, pollution levels decline because people demand greater environmental protection. Although sometimes seen as threatening tradition and culture, free trade is more likely to eliminate the negative aspects than the positive ones. Inequality and prejudice tend to decline when developing countries become integrated into the world economy. For example, women in such counties have increasing opportunities to receive higher education. Additionally, economic growth brings money for protecting important aspects of traditional culture, such as historic sites. Free trade should be welcomed instead of feared, as it bring the prospect of long-term economic growth and leads to positive effects on both the environment and culture. *** from Eiken home page

Good news: How to stop Dementia      2014.7.21

I saw a NHK TV documentary on dementia yesterday night. I got a very informative information concerning the  disease. 1)    How to stop the dementia Exercising and enough sleeping are effective to prevent from or delay the symptom. 2)    How to care the patient of dementia It is important to smile and not to surprise for the patient . If you care the patient, you must approach him or her from a dead strait gradually in order to not surprise the patient. You must take at least 3 meters distance at first and come closer with smiling and contact in gentle manner. Doing such a way, the patient's stress is easing and angry factor in one's body is reducing. Body contacts, such as massaging the patient's hand or back, also good to reduce angry factor. The reason is that the patient are decreasing the size of hippocampal(海馬)which control and ease stress. Therefore, the patient are always having stress or angry factor in one's body. I think this method might be useful in our ordinary life.

Shock!!  Garden was Messy by Weeds.    2014.7.20

I went my Izu villa after a month interval and had great shock.  The weeds come out straight soon during the rainy season in Japan. I was worried about the garden and the bad expectation proved right. In addition, Blossom of the chestnut was scattered in large quantities. It took about five hours for the care for garden. The only good thing was  low temperature for July. After finished, I got another shock.  There are many brown turf spots in the turf. I don’t know the reason whether it is caused by shortage of water or by disease.
2014-07-20 08.47.04  2014-07-20 09.09.24
 2014-07-20 12.45.27

Gardening Flowers  in This Summer        2014.7.13

In this summer, Pentas(ペンタス) and Bsby's  breath(カスミ草)were planted  in front of my house.   This is the first time to use these flowers . An ordinary year , Periwinkle(ニチニチ草)、Inpatiens, Retunia(ペチュニア)、Begonia and Marygold are planted in turn . 2014-07-13 15.41.36

Donburimono     2014.7.5

Donburimono is a dish that consists of a bowl of rice topped with various cooked foods. Some of the most popupar donburimono are tendon, with a  topping of deep-fried seafood and vegitables; katsudon, with a topping of pork cutlet; oyakodon, with a topping of chicken and egg; and gyudon, which has a topping of sliced beef and onions. how to make  "gyudon" for four person
2014-07-05 16.44.10 2014-07-05 16.45.26 2014-07-05 17.56.12
 1)Cut a large onion and put it in a large pan, and add enough water to cover the onion.  2)After boiled it, 400 gram of beef is added in the pan.  3)After the beef is heated. add same Sukiyaki-no-tare, or soy source and sugar.  If the souce is soaked, it's completed.

Two Ramen Museum inYokohama   2014.7.1

If you like ramen, don't miss two  ramen museum in Yokohama. One is called "Yokokama ramen museum" located near Shin Yokohama station. It was established in 1994 as the first food themed amusement park. About 10 ramen shops are opend in a street escape replication in 1958 when the first instant ramen was invented. The other is "Cup Noodle Museum" which was established in 2011. In this museum, you can learn the history of instant ramen and also have a experience to make your own cup noodles. It's nice for souvenir. if you become hungry, you can enjoy many type of ramem in the world in this place. "Buildup Reading and Listening"  course   2014.7.1 From July, I decided to go to a English school and take "Buildup Reading and Listening"  course for three month.  This school will be held every Wednesday at night. In order to use this course effectively, I have to prepare and review the lesson every day.
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