2016-07-24 12.58.05Pokemon Go, a smartphone game that arrived last Friday, has brought about excitement and anxiety over this new style of gaming. People playing the game on their smartphone are getting a social phenomenon. While there are hopes that the game will bring positive economic effects, some are worried about people  getting into trouble because they are absorbed in using smartphones while walking.   Actually in other countries, some people died of  falling from the cliff or intruded  in prohibited area. Last night, I downloaded the game and tried it in order to study the nature of the game. The game uses many smartphone functions, including map applications, GPS and camera, to create an experience that makes it seem like players are in the real world. This technology  is called augmented reality(拡張現実). The game has many functions including hunting and fighting.  The most basic function is to capture the Pokemon creatures  which are indicated their existing location on the map.  These places are called Pokestop or Pokemon stop. I found many Pokestop such as temples, shrines and parks near my house. The game seems to have many positive possibilities, but both players and the managing company of Pokemon needs to have morals. *The picture is a Pokestop near my house