My wife and I went to see  some plum and cherry blossom festivals in Izu from Feb. 12 to 13.  At first, We visited at Kawazu town which is famous for early cherry blossoms.  Although the Kawazu cherry festival started,  we managed to see few blossoms. Most of the cherry trees were still in buds.  Instead pf the cherry blossoms,  we called at   the hot spring fountain park and  the Bagatelle Park- a French style garden park. We stayed at Ito Hervest Hotel and enjoyed sea foods and hot spring.
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Next morning, We walked around Ito city and visited some sight-seeing spots such as  Toukai-kan Japanese inn which is now preserved as a historical culture monument and Nagisa sea park.  The sea was clean and calm. From this spot, we could see Hatusima and Oosima island  clearly.   We left Ito city at 11 a.m. and arrived Atami city at noon. The city roads are so  crowded  and it was difficult to park the car near the Atami plum park. So, I parked my car at the parking lot which is located 20 minutes on foot to the park. However, this  parking place was in the area of Itokawa district cherry blossom festival.  We could see the plum blossom in the Atami plum park for one hour and after that we also enjoyed the cherry blossoms by chance.  
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