I'm planning to visit Nagasaki and Sasebo for a threeーday, twoーnight trip from March 15. I have already arranged this trip's schedule.
The schedule is as follows:

March 15 (Wed)
5:20 Leave my home
6:00 Arrive at San parking near Haneda airport
7:25 Flight JAL605 to Nagasaki
9:30 Arrive at Nagasaki
10:00 Rent-a-car at Times
11:15 Arrive at HUIS TEN BOSCH (a theme park)    39.3 km
13:00 Drive to Hirado      49.1 km
14:20 Sightseeing in Hirado
16:00 Drive to  Sasebo    50 km
         Nagushiyama park : a view point of the 99 islands
18:00 Return the rent-a-car
   Supper in Sasebo city
19:30 Arrive at Hotel Resol Sasebo

March 16 (Fri)
7:00 Breakfast at Resol
8:30 Sightseeing in Sasebo city
9:30 Rent-a-car and Drive to Nagasaki city  79.3 km
         along the coast line  (長崎サンセットロード)
        visit saikaibashi,several old catholic churches, other nice sea view points
        have lunch on the way
15:00 Arrive at Nagasaki city    
        Inasayama Park etc
17:00 Return the rent-a-car
18:00 Arrive at Hotel Monterey
19:00 Dinner with Mr. Noguchi (my old friend)
21:00 Return to the hotel

March 17 (Sat)
7:30 Breakfast at the hotel
9:00 Sightseeing in Nagasaki city with Mr. Noguchi by his car
12:00 Lunch
15:15 Head to Nagasaki Airport (highway bus)
15:59 Arrive at Nagasaki Airport
17:05 JAL614 to Tokyo, Haneda
18:25 Arrive at Haneda
19:00 Arrive at San Parking
20:00 Arrive my home

**These following  pictures are from the Internet