A Pampering Business Trip In 1989, I went to Anaheim, California to participate the convention which was organized by Software A.G company. The company was very famous as a database system called ADABAS and the related soft wares. The trip had the meaning of the reward of our company's purchasing of the database products. So the trip was perfect. The flight was used business class both going and returning. I I stayed alone in the Twin Room at the Hilton & Towers hotel. About 3,000 users and members of Software A.G throughout the world participated in the convention. Many seminars and parties were held in the hotel during 4 days convention. One of the parties was held Disney Land which was only for the exclusive use of the 3000 participants. All amusement rides and food and drinks were free. During the time, a sweet room also could be used as a rest room for about 20 Japanese participants. Many cakes, cookies, fruits and beverages were served for free. Tennis and golf also could be played. At first, the Golf was planned at Pebble Beach Golf Links in San Francisco which is famous as the course of U.S open. But the course was damaged by the strong earth quake hit the San Francisco before a few weeks of our trip. Instead of this golf, the Japan's agency of software A.G took us Vancouver, Canada and enjoyed sightseeing and cruising as a farewell party. This was pinnacle of my trip and I will never have such a luxurious trip forever. By the way, at that time of 1985, the database system were mainly used in the mainframe computer and today's popular database like Oracle was not so popular. About five years later, our company started to use Oracle. At that time, I met the CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison at Hotel Okura , Japan as a courtesy and took a picture with him. He is now one of the top 10 billionaires in the world.
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ORACLE In 1989, I met Oracle's CEO,Larry Ellison after 4 years  of the trip. This was the time of change form Mainframe System Era to Open System Era. Since then, the Oracle's database has been the most popular  in the world.