Painting of my house for both exterior wall and roof  started on Tuesday and will end on May 2.  It will take 10-14 days in total, depending on the weather.  I asked four companies for the estimate, the painting procedure, the brands of the painting materials, and additional services. This time I selected the  best company on consideration of quality of work and the condition of follow-up services,  although the price was the third highest out of the  four companies.  The company leaves a memo note of the day's work everyday. The note also a function to leave my questions and request. Because I usually leave my home at 6:30 am and come  back home at 7:00 pm from work. Until now, these tasks are  over now. 1. Assembling the temporary scaffold  and the preventing the  iron parts from rust 2. the roof's second coating of paint 3. The wall's first coating  of paint 4. The first coating  of paint in the space under the eaves 2016.4.22
2016-04-22 06.38.55 2016-04-23 07.29.36
2016-04-30 15.53.11 2016-04-30 16.48.05