The Origin of my first Grandson's name

My son and his wife named their first son Aoi(葵).
They live in Shizuoka city now. The city was famous for Sunpu(駿府)castle
which was built by the famous Japanese Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.
His family crest was designed using the figure of Aoi flower leaf which is growing in this area.
So the area they live in was called Aoi ward. The language of the  Aoi flower was ambition, abundant crop,
noble and dignified beauty , and mild nature.

They hope their son would spend a fruitful life having a great ambition like Ieyasu who made
a base of prosperous Tokugawa shogunate period lasting almost 300 years. They also want their son
to be strong and noble minded person like Aoi flower which stands straight toward sun at all times.