My wife and I visited Onomichi and Hiroshima from April 22 to 24.  On the first day, we rented a rental car at Hiroshima airport and visited Onomichi  City.  For the next two days, we traveled many places  in Hiroshima City. 

Onomichi is a city located 100 kms  west of Hiroshima City  facing inland sea called Seto-naikai. The city is famous for its hillside slopes, literature, and movies. It  is also interesting its bridges linked with  many islands  and connected  to Shikoku .  This road is called the Shimanami Kaido and  is attractive for many  bicycle riders.

Hiroshima is a city located in the west part of Japan and it is well known as the city where the  Atomic bomb was donated in 1945. The population is 1.2 million and the biggest city in Chugoku district.The city was once a delta of Oota river. In the 16th century , the feudal load, Mouri Terumoto reclaimed the delta area and converted into agriculture fields. In the course of extending of the reclamation, an island of Seto sea was connected it to the delta area and now called it Ougon-zan which literally means golden mountain. 

Some of the sightseeing spots are the atomic bomb dome, Miyajima island which is famous for Ituku-shima shrine which is designated world culture heritage site.

My wife and I went to Hiroshima for the first time after 30 years . We were looking forward to visiting there. Because we have plenty happy memories in Hiroshima. I was transferred to Hiroshima branch of my company when I was 31 years old. Soon after, I married and We started a newly married life in Hiroshima.