On September 23, my wife and I went to Sizuoka city where my son,Atushi and his family lives in order to join his son Aoi's first visit to the shrine which is located near their house. The shrine named Sengen Jinjya(浅間神社)which was built about 1700 years ago to enshrine the gurdean god of Shizuoka city area. My son's wife, Ayano and her father and mother also joined to the celemony. The priest introduced Aoi to the god and asked the god to protect Aoi and keep him healthy.
Then we went to a Japanese restaurant named Fugetu-rou(浮月楼) and celebrate the "Okuizome(お食い初め)" : Baby's first meal ceremony.
While having lunch, All of us took turns to pretend feeding foods to Aoi . Aoi is still 88 days old so he is breastfed by his mother.
After lunch, we wnet to a photo studio and got some pictures taken with Aoi.
All of us had a pleasant time with Aoi on that day.

I'll will share some inf0rmation about .....
Okuizome(お食い初め) is the Japanese traditional ritual that parents perform usually 100 days after the birth of their baby along with their relatives to wish the infant an abundant life.
The celebratory meal is in the traditional “one soup and three dishes” style and generally consists of rice cooked with red beans (or plain rice), whole grilled fish such as sea bream, miso soup, ‘nimono’ (simmered food), and pickles.
In this ritual, the grandparents and the parents in turn wish a long life by pretending to feed the baby in this order - f “rice, soup, rice, grilled fish, rice, nimono and rice and pickles".
After the ceremony, the baby is also pretend to bite the celebrate stone (usually given by the baby's first visit to the shrine). This ritual is called "hagatame(歯固め).

"Omiya-mairi" is baby's first visit to a shrine." Omiya-mairi" is a Shinto ritual similar to the Christian baptism ceremony. It occurs when the baby is about one month old(the months varies denpends on the region). They wear a special white clothes for the ceremony, and have a special kimono draped over them. As the baby's grandparents hold him/her, the priest presents the news of the birth to the guardian spirit of the shrine, and offers thanks. The priest then asks the god to protect the baby and keep him/her healthy.

"Fugetu-rou" is a Japanese restaurant which is 120 years old from opening. Before it became the restaurant, it used  as the residence of Tokugawa Yosinobu, last Edo-period Shogun, who lived there for 20 years in the evening of his life.
He enjoyed the smell of ume(a Japanese plum) and sailed a boat in the pond.He spent well his time on that place.