Odawara Castle   2017.3.23
The castle was built in the 15 century, and well known as the residence of Hojo family, which was founded by Hojo Soun and his family controlled around the Kanto region for five generations. In 1590, Toyotomi Hideyoshi attacked the castle by his 200 thousand soldiers and destroyed the Hojo family. To destroy the castle was difficult, because the fort including surrounding the town was large. The circumference is about 9 km, which is called ”総構”ーSogamae. In order to destroy the Hojo family, Hideyoshi had built the castle - called itiya-jo which literally means the castle was built in one night. Actually the castle was made for 80 days. One day, the trees surrounding the castle was cut down and showed the castle as if it had suddenly appeared. The Hojo family was surprised and at last surrendered their castle. Later the castle was controlled by the follower of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Today's Castle tower was reconstructed by concrete in 1960. the height is 36.7 m and total floor area is 2,822 ㎡.