Odaiba is one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Tokyo. This area is in the reclaim island from the sea and  has many attractive facilities , such as hotels, shopping malls,  a Ferris wheel, game centers, parks and convention centers. This area also has many viewing spots and artificial sea shore. You can see beautiful Tokyo Bay Harbor and skyscraper buildings from Odaiba. History This  place was once  a fort with several big gun batteries built in the end of Samurai Era (mid 19 th century) in order to protect Japan from foreign occupation. This area has been continuosly reclamed and a lot of   facilities have been built, such as hotels, condominium and shopping malls. As the number of residents are increasing,  railway and  monorail systems, roads, bridges and under sea tunnels have been constructed . This area will be the venue  of the  2020 Tokyo Olympics. *** I often go to this area to see some exhibits of IT related products and to participate in  various seminars. These pictures were taken during the break of a seminar which was held in Nov. 7,2014.
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Why is there another the Statue of Liberty in Odaiba? This Statue of Liberty is a replica of the original Statue of Liberty borrowed by Japan form Paris, France in 1998 , in celebration of the Year of France that year. The opening ceremony was attended by the  French President Chirac and the Japanese Prime Minister Hasimoto in April 28, 1998. This Statue became very popular and important  to the town, so the community requested  Paris  to install a replica after the Statue of Liberty was returned to Paris. The French Government gladly sent a replica to Odaiba District, Tokyo. The replica was made with the same reproduction image, size of approximately eleven (11) meters height and  approximately nine (9) tons weight of bronze manufactured by casting method. The replica was placed in the same place and was unveiled in December 22, 2000. map