I went to Izu with Mr. Hayakawa who is a friend of high school days. I picked him up at Hiyoshi Sta. at 7 am. and arrived in Izu at 9:10 am. I drove via Shonan coast road to Izu. It was the second time for him to visit there. He is good at gardening, so I asked him to help to maintain the garden in return for treating him for lunch. Fortunately,  trees and weeds didn't grow as much as I expected. So We had a lot of coffee break and talk about our children and our future. I also took him to the Nirayama reverberatory furnace and had a lunch there. We left Izu at 3:20 pm and reached Yokohama at 6:00 pm. On the way back, there was a car accident on the Tomei express. It took 30 min more in order to pass through the area. But we enjoyed chatting about being back in junior high school in my car. From 7:00 pm., Atushi and Ayano, new married couple visited and celebrated my belated birthday. We toasted a special wine which was presented Atushi's former company. They gave a present :L'Occitane lotion and their message card saying "Happy birth day. We are sorry to celebrate it  late. We selected your present as hard as we can. Please use it and take care of your health. We appreciate your continuous support. " Today became busy but very memorable day for me.
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