After my mother was discharged from Kanto Rousai Hospital, she entered a nursing home near my house, this is because she lost a confidence to live by herself. Certainly her legs become weak and I'm worried about her self-sustenance life. She needs to be taken care of her daily life. It's very sad for me to send her to the nursing home, but it's a good chance for her to spend the rest of her life happily.The nursing home provides not only care services including night inspection every 4 hours from 6 pm but also meals, washing clothes, changing linens, having many recreation activities like painting, physical exercises. In addition, the nursing  home is very near my house. It only takes about 10 min by car so I can go there frequently. Today I took my mother to my home and she had a chance to select her summer clothes and play her grand piano. I promised her to take her to my home twice a month. === Although she was discharged, her condition is not normal. The value of CRP is still high, it means she is still fighting against a certain inflammation which, for now, is not certain which part of her body is affected, and because of this she tends to get tired easily. Rheumatism is possible disease because of her symptom of swelling knees and ankles of legs and arms.  In order to find the cause of the disease, I'll continue to take her to the hospital which has special department of rheumatism. The Kanto Rousai hospital wrote a medical referral letter to The Ida Hospital. I'm  also concerned about her dementia.  Most of dementia is Alzheimer-type. Her recognition problem stated from this year and and seems to worsen since her confinement in the hospital in May.  I hope  her recognition problem is temporally caused by the change of her life circumstances and she will recover her recognition soon.
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