New Prius Debut!! Last Sunday I went to my car dealer,Toyota Kanagawa, to see the new Prius. My car salesman, Mr Oomura frequently called me to come and see the Prius. Every time I refused to go see the car because the style was not my taste and the price was higher than the current model. I already checked the style , efficiency, and the price through the brochure that was sent to me by the dealer. He is always so enthusiastic when he calls that I felt obligated to go there. He was waiting and insisted that I drive the car. While I drove, he explained the new functions of the car. Certainly the acceleration was smooth and powerful. It operated used electric power up to the speed of 40 km/h. The current model's electric power use is 20 km/h at most.Many safety and comfortable devices are also included attached, such as pre-crash safety, lane departure alert, laser cruise control. The New Prius is certainly nice except for it's design and price. However, I have no idea  still have no intention to buy it .
2015-12-13 12.43.05