My wife and I will visit Nasu on Dec.11 to 12. Nasu is located 200km north of Yokohama and just between Tokyo and Sendai.It will take about 3 hours by car. The season of beautiful fall colorful foliage was over.However, the place is famous a lot of nature, mountains, rivers, forests, pasture and hot spring.During the peak travel seasons, the area is crowed with cars, and some complain that the parking in the area requires drivers to wait for about one hour. Some of the populor sightseeing spots are ”Heisei-no-mori garden","Chausu-dake and ropeway". 1,Heisei-no-mori garden The garden is owned by emperor's family and half of the garden is opened to the public.  There are many paths for pedestrians. In addition, some walking tours with guide are available.  We are planning to walk the 3km course. On the way, there are many trees like acorn , many animals like raccoon, fox, bear  and many birds like awl. I hope the bear will be well behaved and not harm visitors. 2.Chausu-dake and ropeway Chausu-dake is a volcano and the elevation is 1915 m. the road was well maintained and we can reach at the 8th station. Then we can use ropeway and it takes us to the 9 station. From the point, we can see a beautiful 360 degree panoramic view of mountains. The ropeway fee is 1300 yen round trip (there and back). There are many other sightseeing spots around Nasu area, such as flower park , animal park, pastures and dairy farming food shops. But what my wife and I lool forword to the most is Nasu harvest hotel. This hotel is usually for member only but visitors can stay if the rooms are available. The room charge is a bit pricy at 30,000- 50,000yen. But we will stay there and the charge is only 5000yen with two meals per person. In addition we can enjoy hot springs.
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