My younger son Satoshi  left my home today and started new life at Nishi-Ogikubo in Tokyo. He rented a 1LDK condo. The condo is located within 5 min from the station and very convenient to commute and do shopping. The company where he works now pays half of the rental fee. My elder son left my home last August and started his life at Shizuoka, My wife and I feel a little sad because two sons left our home within a year.   Nishi-Ogikubo This station is located 20 km west of Tokyo station and 22 km north of my house in Yokohama. His company is near Tokyo station so he can commute about 30 min by Cyuou Line. There are many narrow streets around the station, Many small but cool  or something dear shops are lined along the street.    
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