My son's wedding party The wedding ceremony of my son Atsushi and his wife Ayano was held on Oct. 3. It was nice day for the wedding. The ceremony started at 11:30 am. Then the reception started at 12:30 am. The reception started from my son's opening speech and wedding cake cutting,  and many guests speeches and performances such as playing musical instruments, singing songs and displaying of  videos and  images made by their friends followed. One of the surprises was that Ayano suddenly started singing a song with her friends from the university. After that, her friend announced that Ayano's  solo singing with playing piano would be performed  to dedicate to my son. The song name was "愛してるのサイン”:The Sign of Love, a song by a Japanese famous singer group named  "Dream Comes True". Atsushi and all attendees including me were very fascinated by her song. By the way, Ayano's birthday and mine were same and Ayano introduced to the attendees the fact and they gave me clap of hands for the belated happy birthday. It was the first time to receive applause  from many people in my life. I was very delighted. I made a thank you speech to the attendance before my son's ending speech. Atushi and Ayano were fine looking. It became a very pleasant and unforgettable party for me and perhaps for everyone.  
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Ref. *My speech (English version) On behalf of the two families, I’d like to say a few words to you all. Thank you for your attendance today. We could hold a lively and pleasant wedding party. We also thank you that we received a lot of  warm celebration speeches from the supervisors, co-workers, the former teachers and friends of school days. You also gave us some music performances and singing songs and congratulated messages from videos and images. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Today, when I saw the fine-looking bride and groom, I became happy and seemed to feel some relief on my shoulder. I hope they will work together to build a happy life. However, the two are still new to marriage, please give them some advice on their new road in their life. Today, we could not give enough hospitality to you all, but the party became grand, thanks to your cooperation. I wish you all prosperity and good health. Thank you very much.     *Mather Teresa's saying :One of the guests made a speech referring to this. 思考に気をつけなさい、それはいつか言葉になるから。 言葉に気をつけなさい、それはいつか行動になるから。 行動に気をつけなさい、それはいつか習慣になるから。 習慣に気をつけなさい、それはいつか性格になるから。 性格に気をつけなさい、それはいつか運命になるから。 Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words; Be careful of your words, for your words become your deeds; Be careful of your deeds, for your deeds become your habits; Be careful of your habits; for your habits become your character; Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny