My Friend's Guide Assistance
A relative of my friend came to Japan. She is from San Francisco and now works as an AI-related engineer. According to my friend, it's her first time to visit Japan. So I assisted him to guide her in the afternoon on August 10. It was a scorching hot day. we decided  to take her to the Edo-Tokyo museum at first. Luckily, there was a English tour guide in the museum. The guide explained her the Edo history and culture in one hour. Her explanation in English was easy to understand and I could also d learn the history and culture . After that, We went to Asakusa and took her to the temple and shrine, explaining the history and difference between temple and shrine. Finally we went to Kappa-Bashi area to see the foods samples made of urethane resin and paint.
I went back home at 19:00. I was worried about having made her exhausted due to the long walk under the hot weather.
Later, my friend gave me a letter and said she went back to San Francisco safely and expressed thanks for my help. The letter also mentioned that she was very interested in the food sample shop.