My first Ukulele concert

My first Ukulele concert was held at the Grand Tree entrance hall in Musasikosugi on Aug. 20.
The total member of ukulele playsers was 23 including a primary school girl with her mother.
The concert was started at 5:00 pm and performed about 20 minutes. Before the concert,I met other playing members for the fist time at the Yamano music hall in Musashikosugi and had a rehearsal for one hour.
The playing member's music scores were differrent like melody1, melody2, and chord. After finishing the first rehearsal, we felt happy and automatically smiled to each other because the harmony and rhythm were perfect.
Most of us have been practicing with utmost effort to achieve good performance.As we rehearced the songs again , we felt our hearts united as one.
The sound system at the entrance hall was not that good, still we gave our best and performed successfully.
After the concert, some members suggested to hold another concert performance in a music concert hall in Kawasaki with today's members. I parted promising  to meet with them again .

That day's concert programs were
1. 小さな世界: It's a small world
2.海の見える街(魔女の宅急便より): a town seeing sea
3.真夏の果実:  Summer Blue