Mishima City (三島市) Mishima City is located 100 km west of Tokyo and the root of Izu peninsula. The city was once flourished by the Mishima shrine and a station town of Tokai-dou, which was the most important road in Edo period, connected between Edo(Tokyo) and Kyoto. The city is also the original place of Shimoda kaido(road) which is linked to Shimoda City, located the tip of the Izu peninsula. The city is easy to access within 30 mins from my Izu villa. Some of the popular sightseeing spots are Mishima Taisya(shrine) and RakujyuーEn. 1. Mishima Taisha(三嶋大社) The shrine was originally built about 1200 years ago in order to enshrine the god of Izu Islands which include Ooshima and  Miyakejima. The buildings are designated as the very important culture of Japan. 2.Rakujyu-En(楽寿園) Rakujyu-en was built by Prince Komatuno-Miya in 23rd year of the Meiji Era (1890) as his villa. Today Mishima City is managing  the villa as the citizen's park. In this park, there are many trees ,rocks made from lava and ponds . Those are designated as natural monument. The prince's villa called Rakujyu-kan is also designated as the very important culture of Shizuoka prefecture. The park also has zoo such as alpaca and lesser panda, amusement rides such as merry-go-round and miniature train ride, and the local museum. The most interesting thing in the park for me was the land which is entirely mode from lava. So the ponds' water is coming from  the spring under the lava. Recently the ponds are rarely full of water and usually almost dried out. However, according to the guide of the park, she said these ponds will be full with water every 7 years. She added to the story that the cause of drying out would be the affect of factory constructions in the area of the foot of Mt. Fuji.  
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