Omikuji is a strip of paper with a fortune printed on. For example one's business will be good or bad. But this Meiji shrine's omikuji is different from ordinary one. The omikuji is written one of Emperor Meiji's short poem by lottery. Each poem has a deep meaning - a kind of the secrets of success in life. Each omikuji also says that bring it to one's home and carefully keep it. Ema is a votive wooden tablet painted with a picture of a horse. People buy this tablet and present to god with their prayer. In old Japan times, people at that time offered a horse when they prayed for something to god. This practice changed to offering votive pictures of horse. But this shrine's Ema is different. The picture has many variations, from the Family crest of The emperor to the animals of 12 zodiac sign. Taru Sake or barreled sake are displayed on the side of the approach to the Shrine. These barreled sake are dedicated to the Emperor Meiji every year by many Japanese sake brewer companies. The dedication of barreled wine from the France wine brewers also started  and display at the  opposite side of the approach from 10 years ago. Because Emperor Meiji liked both sake and wine. It is said these display of barreled sake and wine also have a role of the liquor maker’s advertisement. 2015-03-20 12.12.18