The OB association was held at a Ginza beer hall on March 7. The association consists of about 50 co-workers who worked at the Ginza office of Taisei corporation until the office was  transfered to Shinjyuku in 1981. This party is organized by four organizers and is held  every March .  This time, 28 members participated and 6 of them are females. The oldest participant was 81 years old and the youngest was 60. Mr. Nagashima was the Master of Ceremony and hosted the party the entire evening. Each participant was called on the stage and was asked to talk about his/her present conditions such as health, families, and hobbies. Despite his good emceeing,  few people listened to  each member’s speech because most people were engrossed in talking with other people around them.  The program was disorderly, but we enjoyed the party while talking, drinking and eating and building intimacy. As a matter of fact, I had a chance to talk with many elder members including  two seniors whom I just met and learned a lot from. The party was very significant .
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