Medical Checkup   2017.5.22
Every year in May, I have a medical checkup and I didnt't care about the fee until this year,
because the fee is only 3500 yen and it was autmatically deducted from my salary.
After my retirement, I needed to find the place by myself and found that the fee was very expensive,
-- generally 10 times much higher than former fee. Fortunately I can recieve a subsidy until next two years,
but the checkup organizations with this subsidy are limited . I found a nice organization through the Internet and applied . The organization name is "Halth Care" and it located near the Yokohama sta.
Before recieving the checkup, stool and urine sample containers were sent to me.
On the day, I went there at 8:30 without having breakfast and immiedeately several tests were perfomed.
The items are:
1. Mesurering height and weight and blood pressure
2. Blood test
3. 2D-echo for internal organs - liver, kidneys, pancreas
4.Vison and hearing ability test
5.Chest X-ray
6.ECG - Electro cardiography
7.Barium examination

After all these tests are finished, a physician consulted me by refering the result.
According to the physician, all tests were within normal except some bubbles are seen in liver.
It caused by taking sugar a lot. So I need to reduce taking sugar from now on.