Close Izu Villa In the early morning of Saturday, I checked the latest weather forecast and  decided to go to the Izu villa today in order to close it for duration of winter until next March.  Originally, I planed to go there on Sunday because the forecast said the weather on that day would be better than Saturday, but the forecast was changed. I left my home at 5:45 in a hurry and arrived there at 7:40. My total driving time was only 1.5 hours after deducting the time of  refueling , shopping foods and rest. The work on the day: 1. putting away some particular weeds 2. confirming the effects of the herbicide sprayed on the Water pennywort ( 血止め草)last  time and  sprayed it again to the area that is not affected by the hurbicide. 3. putting away the water sprinkler used during the summer season to supply water everyday at 8 a.m. and 4  p.m. 4. cleaning the living room, especially Kitchen sink and the surrounding areas. Next year , I need to polish the stainless using a special cream cleaner.  Some substances of water such as magnesium ,calcium are left on the surface. and 5. draining the water pipe.