I'm planning to go to Kyoto to see autumn leaves for two days from Dec 24th. Many temples and shrines in Kyoto are famous like beautiful autumn leaves spots. But those are crowded with visitors and it takes too much long time to enter temples and shrines. In addition, restaurants, city trains and buses are also crowded. In order to avoid this situation, I applied a package tour which is organized by JR(Japanese Railway Company). By using this tour, we can enter the temples and shrines without waiting time because the JR reserved the admission of all spots we are visiting  to, and restaurants and hotels are also booked. In the evening, the tour also takes us to Godaigo temple which is famous for lighting up autumn leaves. I can't wait to visit Kyoto. The first day Itinerary 1.源光庵庭園 Genkouan-temple garden 2. 光悦寺   Kouetu-ji Temple 3.詩仙堂  Shisen-ji  Temple 4.圓光寺  Enkou-ji Temple 5.醍醐寺  Daigo-ji Temple The second day Itinerary 1.二条城 Nijyo-jyou castle 2.清水寺 Kiyomizu temple 3.京町屋&錦市場 Kyoto traditonal houses and shopping market 4.八坂神社 Yasaka Shrine 5.平安神宮 Heian  Shrine 6.伏見稲荷 Fushimi Inari Shrine JR-Kyoto Kyoto have been greatly influenced by Buddhism over 1,000 years. What is Buddhism? Buddhism is the teachings of Buddha. In Buddhism, People live with a series of pains through one's life. In order to avoid the pains, people should have moderate mind at first. In addition, we have to acquire enlightenment through ascetic practices. Buddha teaches these 8 truths ---true view, true thinking, true language, right action, true livelihood, right devotion, true faith, right concentration. People overcome worldly desires by acquiring these 8 ascetic practices. As a result, people can overcome a series of pains in their lives. Some of the important ascetic practices include chanting sutra and meditation. The situation that People got enlightenment is called 解脱(Gedatu) or salvation. Trivia: The words such as Bushi-dou(武士道), Jyu-dou(柔道), Sa-dou(茶道), Ka-dou(花道) are influenced from  the salvation of Buddhism. Through these practices, people learn and get enlightenment which concentrate practice without thinking worldly desire.